Anybody use Graphic Converter Classic?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by tevion5, Mar 18, 2015.

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    It's a really nifty and powerful Mac OS 9 app I use for managing the pictures taken by my Quicktake 150 among other things. The only problem is I cannot find a way to find a serial key for the licence.

    I would imagine Mac OS 9 software of this nature would be shareware by now. I mean I got a key from the people who make Rumpus for the old 3.5 version without an issue.

    It's annoying having to wait 30 seconds every time I open any image -_-

    Can anybody help me out? Or is it STILL a full price product?

    (I'm using version 6.5)
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    Are just viewing and sorting images or converting them?
    For converting/resizing etc you could grab Photoshop from macintoshgarden and use it's batch processing features to convert many images at once?
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    We used to use that when I was running our Applescript server off an OS9 Mac. Once I got the G4/350 back to my area though we started using the same scripts with the OS X version.

    No idea if this would be useful to you or not, but I have two scripts that are triggered by folder actions. The editor and reporters drop their photos (usually jpgs) into either a CMYK folder or a grayscale folder and the scripts call Graphic Converter which processes them into TIFs, changes them to four color or grayscale and resizes them and then adds a prefix (4C_ or BW_) to the filename.

    Both scripts use Graphic Converters Batch process which you have to set up beforehand. I have the scripts calling GC invisibly, i.e., you never see the images GC opens.

    If you want them, let me know. They'd be useful just to call your own batch process.
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    Or just hunt down a specific Powermac/book install disc of the required vintage. Pretty much all of those came bundled with Graphic Converter and Appleworks.

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