Anyone been to Santana Row in San Jose?

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    Are there actually any women that live or go there that arent superficial and gold diggers? Or is there not a single one ever? Im beginning to think there is more gold diggers vs normal women there than the percentage of hardcore toncasual gamers on iOS.

    Here is a yelp review I just wrote recently:

    "I like to hang out here sometimes like on a friday day and night, but it is impossible to meet normal women here in any of the clubs. There isnt a single one I found who wqsnt a gold digger or a user. Not only that but they sometimes go in the club and stand there only hoping guys will buy them drinks or flat out ask you to buy them one. Its not a problem, except they leave about 3 minutes later without at least giving you a chance for conversation.

    One time I met this woman named Pamela here who walked with me holding hands to her car and we lightly kissed (she was with her friend) and I thought "i finally found a nice charming girlfriend" only for her to never return my calls or texts after that. I ran into her another day and she tried to lie that she never got my text but later admitted she did and said "so you just write all day?" out of nowhere like admitting the only thing she didnt like about me was that i was a freelance writer and not a rich businessman."

    I would also like to add that when I was at this place called straights last weekend some asian woman started talking to me how young I look and all this mumbo jumbo and when I asked her if shes from Vietnam she turned around and told me seeya. Just for asking her where she was from or assuming since there are so many vietnamese there. I also saw these ladies who just come in and dont order anything and wait for guys to buy them drinks and food.
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    Bemalte Blumen duften nicht.

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