Anyone bought a Kingston DDR2 1 GB PC-2 6400 RAM for Mac book Pro ?


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OK, Let's do this again, for the 22nd time.
Welcome to MR, alebar

The first MR lesson is: Your question has probably been asked and answered before.

We have a Guide for Intel Mac RAM, and a quick Search of the forums will usually come up with the answer in less time than it takes to open a new thread.

In short: 800 MHz RAM gives you no benefit whatsoever in anyh intel Mac to date, because the memory controller is hardwired to 667 MHz. You cannot change that.

Also, my personal recommendation is to avoid Kingston ValueRAM (KVR- series) memory for use in Macs, and stick with their guaranteed Apple- compatible line (KTA- series). Or choose a reputable seller who guarantees compatibility with your machine, gives a lifetime warranty, and offers a no-cost return or replacement if it doesn't work.