Anyone download "DropCall Eliminator"?

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    Jun 19, 2011
    I know the person who created it, so I have some insight and trust the development/functionality. But at the same

    time, wanted to see what everyone who used it thought.

    Here's the scoop from my end... The app works. It runs in the background toggling your phone between 3G and edge

    for pre determined applications (apps selected 3G through whiteboarding for foreground/background).

    When a call is placed, the phone automatically switches to edge to route the call. Con, the switch takes a second

    or two. So, if you exit an app running 3G and almost instantaneously make a call, you may get a call failed screen

    being the app hasn't successfully transitioned your phone to edge just yet. Personally, I found by the time I exit

    an app and select a contact, the phone has transitioned to edge well in advance of me actually placing the call. If

    not, it's not a super big deal to me to either hit "try again" or even easier just look at the top of the screen

    and verify that 3G no longer appears before placing the call. Personally, i'd rather wait an extra second then have

    to call someone back ten times during a call.

    Otherwise, if your diligent in whiteboarding foreground and background apps, the phone more or less stays in edge

    which helps with incoming calls as well as eases the transition for outgoing (the science behind this app). And by

    the way, saves battery life ;)

    At the end of the day, Jason told me about this app months ago. His confidence was in the edge network for calls

    and believed that 3G drops calls while edge does not. After he told me this, I spent a day using only edge (turned

    off 3G) to see if this was true and it was. Living in NYC I think we have by far the most dropped calls and using

    'just edge' literally put an end to the issue.

    The app at the end of the day is a nice shortcut to having to do all the switching back in forth from 3G to edge

    and visa versa to avoid dropping calls. I bought it. I like it. Love to hear what others have to say.

    Ps: one thing I had to do was kill sb settings (a downloaded app for those who don't know/have) since it didn't

    seem to work with it. I think any app that interferes with switching 3G, edge, etc has an impact. Not completely

    sure, but when I killed sb settings, it worked flawlessly.
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    Jun 4, 2011
    It's a Jailbroken Tweak. It is on Cydia.

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