Anyone else experience these bugs? (4S)

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Jman13, Oct 17, 2011.

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    So I've been using my new 4S extensively the past three days, and I love it. I have encountered two bugs, however that both involve Notification Center. I ran iOS 5 beta since beta 4, and never experienced these on my 4, and one I wouldn't expect to since it's Siri related.

    The first I think is just a bug Apple overlooked and will patch in an upcoming update: If you engage Siri without unlocking the phone, and do something that jumps into an app (Maps / Contacts / Safari)...when you exit the app, you'll be at your home screen. However, Notification Center will not work at this point...can't pull it down..nada. It resumes working once you lock and unlock the phone again.

    The second is a bit more worrying. This morning I had my Notification Center essentially lock the phone up. I'd pull down the tray, and the phone would basically freeze, not allowing me to clear any notifications or scroll through them. Flicking the drawer back up would work, but would take 2-3 seconds....then the phone would work OK until I pulled it down again...and it would lock up a bit again. I rebooted the phone, and it did it the first time I pulled down the tray on the rebooted phone, but then I cleared some notifications and it's fine again now. It was very odd, and I've only seen it once, but it was a bit freaky.

    Oh, I also had one time where Siri said to click a contact to edit it, and it went to the home screen without showing the contact, but a double click would bring up the tray with the contact showing, but it would disappear when I closed the multitasking tray. I had to reboot to get it back to normal. This also has only happened once.

    So, one bug with Siri and notifications, and two single instance bugs....just curious if I'm the only one who's gotten them.
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    Aug 7, 2011
    Columbus, OH
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    the only thing i found to be weird was siri. i work at a business that requires me to add margin to product. i was thinking siri could help.

    i would say "what's 113% of 100" and she would give me the correct answer, 113.

    i then tried saying "add 13% to 100". this is where the strangeness came in...

    she transcribed my words perfectly, but rather than giving me anything to do with percentages or math, she would say "i have scheduled a meeting for you at 2" or something. every time said the sentence in that way, she would schedule a meeting for some reason.

    not so much a bug, but just something i noticed that was strange.
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    I hadn't experienced this one, but I was able to replicate it. Odd. I'm sure Apple will fix it within an upcoming update. I think the key for us end-users, though, is to make sure we report these little bugs to Apple so they know they're happening.

    Thanks for the heads-up, jman. :D


    I had this one too, though I can't remember exactly what I was asking her to do when she gave me the "when's your meeting" question. But, Siri is still in beta, so I guess we just have to be patient with her, right? :D I've still been highly impressed with her, that's for sure!

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