ANyone else find their air is MUCH faster with ML DP2?


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Jun 20, 2011
For me it's noticeably faster.

I dont mean like.. "Oh snappy!" I mean, "Damn, didn't expect it to load that quick!"
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Mar 11, 2008
Well given that anyone who has ML legally is under an NDA, I would not expect much discussion of it.


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Jan 27, 2011
I haven't looked into this, but I guess I might as well ask here...

I am an iOS developer, so I have used preview OS builds before release (iOS 5 for example) in the past. But do I also have access to Mountain Lion Developer Preview? Or do I have to purchase the Mac developer profile as well?

And if I do have access, is there a way to revert back to Lion if I don't like ML or it's buggy for some reason? I do have a Time Capsule with Time Machine set up, if that makes a difference.

Thanks :D

EDIT: Nevermind, I found it (didn't think I had access to the site at work).

Access to OS X Mountain Lion
You must be enrolled in the Mac Developer Program to access the development resources for OS X Mountain Lion.

Oh well, I can wait.
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