Anyone else getting a weird vibe off of Core Animation?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by SiliconAddict, Aug 12, 2006.

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    Core Animation + Time Machine makes me wonder if Apple really does have something new under the hood for Leopard that is really big. Throughout the entire Apple's Leopard CA Demo I kept getting this weird vibe as if what we are seeing there is something that was channeling the next generation of piles. Yes I know that its simply a demo but considering the 3D interface that they threw into TM it feels like Apple is starting to work in 3 dimensions now with their OS. Which makes a lot of sense when you consider that with meta data there is MUCH more relevant ways of looking at data now a days then simply file name and data type in a linier method like Windows file Explorer or Finder. I just thought that animation was interesting when you look at in from the context of Apple really doing one of the first real 3D implementations in their OS with Core Animation in Time Machine. (Fast User switching doesn’t count since its just an effect. It doesn’t really add anything to the OS.) Or maybe its because its 4AM and I should be asleep but I still have 22 minutes left on my batt. *passes out*
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    Any time Apple (or any other OS manufacturer) adds "tool boxes" to make application creation and information manipulation easier it's big. Bigger than demoed. Core Image was huge, Core Audio... what... OK not that one, Core Animation.

    Yes, I would hope that that's the direction Apple is going in, thought the wiz-bang graphics doesn’t suggest that to me, rather I can see Apple improving its search and indexing features and evolving towards that kind of information display.

    Actually, forget the cool graphics in TimeMachine. I would like the option of a simple GUI interface with out all the glitz. I like working visually. I use dynamic flowcharts and a-typical visual origination tools. Just give me good search tools and indexing, in addition to the 3d animated journey.

    Just think of what the index file is going to look like. Users, start your 1Tb+ drives.

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