Anyone else? Hard crash using iTunes with new iMac


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Aug 13, 2007
I have a new 20" iMac with 2 gig. of ram. In iTunes when you are scrolling up and down the music video page using the scroller bars and using your mouse. The computer will completely freeze up. You have to do a hard restart to get out of it. This was present in both the previous version and 7.4. You may have to do it several times but keep trying. There is a thread in apple discussions =iTunes on this. Has anyone had this problem? It seems to be iTunes related but will only do it on a new iMac.


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Sep 10, 2007
iMac 2.8GHz Extreme Freeze

Does exactly the same thing on my new Intel iMac 2.8GHz Extreme, 2GB RAM (standard UK store configuration for 2.8GHz version).

I can reproduce this every time - simply play a purchase TV show for a few moments, then go to the iTunes Store, click on TV Programmes and scroll up and down for a bit.

OS X dies completely. Can't even bring up the Force Quit dialog or use the reboot key combo. Only solution is to hold down the power button for 4 seconds.

I have logged this with Apple, but I think that we should continue to post here (and everywhere else!) about this, since it is a pretty severe and potentially work-destroying bug!!! It needs fixing pronto!!


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Jan 10, 2006
Having a series of issues with itunes on my new alum 24" iMac.

iTunes freezes whenever connecting to the store after I click on a second item. None of my ipods (5.5/nano 4gb/shuffle) will sync - iTunes throws up an error message that "too many files are open".

If I click a third time safri and itunes will shut down. Sometimes iTunes will freeze and a force quit won't work - must reboot.

Have repaired permissions - still the same issues. Gonna reinstall from scratch and if that doesn't fix the problem - back to the apple store it goes.