anyone else not a fan of the homescreen interface?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by twisted-pixel, Mar 15, 2015.

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    There is a JB app for your phone that mimics the homescreen behaviour of the watch. I installed it for a while and anyone that saw it thought it looked amazing and always wanted to play with it. I agree that it looked good, but when you have 60 apps it was difficult to remember where they were and you had to swipe around looking for the icon. So you changed the layout (a real pain to do in this particular app's case) to group them together somehow.

    When you installed a new one, it would, seemingly, get put somewhere random on the screen and first you had to find out where, and then repeat the process or trying to rearrange again.

    Now, I don't expect to have this many apps on the watch but I've not seen an indication of how to change the layout to put the apps you want where you can easily find them. I just dont to keep swiping looking for a tiny icon.
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    The Apple Watch interface can be controlled on the iPhone via the Apple Watch app.
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    I actually really dig the watch interface.

    You can customize it from your iPhone. Place important and regularly used apps near the center and so on. However you feel most comfortable with.

    In my opinion Apple's smartwatch OS is hands down best OS for smartwatch atm. Android wear needs to step up it's game.
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    I wouldn't compare it to a Jail Broken simulation. You will be able to choose were a new app goes through the Apple Watch app.

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