Anyone else own a Pachislo?


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Feb 6, 2006
Just as the title says Anyone else own a Pachislo?

I got this for 55$ new at a local Toys-R-Us.
These are actual slot machines from Japanese casino's.

This thing has more circuit boards than my eMac and is like 3-5 times louder than my creature 2 speakers
you also have a volume control knob to adjust so its more to your liking.

This slot comes with a subwoofer speaker in the back and 2 front firing speakers ( well in the front )
It is so loud because casinos these slots came from in Japan are so loud and it is meant to compete with the other slots.

The inside of this thing is just jaw dropping it has a hopper that spits tokens out the front into the tray when you win.

Here is a website featuring the machine i got.

Here is a video of the machine i have.
posted on the same site.
the slot is in a big bonus round where you win big payouts.

my question is does anyone else have a pachislo also?
if not you should look into one they're cheap and impressive.

or a game room with a pinball machine ?

Here are some pics if i can get them to upload ive never done this before.
the machine is turned off because im using my camera phone since the batteries are dead in my digital camera and this old moto dont like bright light.



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Aug 17, 2007
Never had one of them, however, my dad once brought home a Pachinko machine from Japan when I was a child. This would have been in the early or mid 1970s. I loved that thing. It was a blast.