Anyone else push not working?


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Jun 3, 2008
I setup mobileme on my iphone, set everything to synch, setup my contacts ALL over again... set Push on, reset my iphone, tried everything I could think of.

Nothing pushing from the web > iphone or iphone > web.

E-mail does not autoupdate have to manually go into mail for it to check.

Honestly, what's the point? VERY VERY disapointed with this "service" so far.



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Mar 31, 2008
Windsor, Ontario
My contacts and calendar push to my ipod, though sometimes it will take a while after I've used the web interface for the changes to show. Push email, however, has never worked for me. I have to go into the mail app and hit the refresh button in the bottom corner to check my mail, it won't even auto check when I open mail.


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Jan 10, 2007
I see a problem on my laptop right now as far as email is concerned.

Still shows a laundry list of email that I had deleted on my desktop
but despite the fact that I just did a manual sync, it has not been

Something is wrong unless I'm expecting too much for my laptop
not to sync with the rest of my mail.


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Sep 13, 2008
We can fix it all, but first, I need to know if you are using a PC or a Mac?


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Sep 13, 2008
Kill It With Fire!

Right, we're going to get Medieval on this problem.

This is bad troubleshooting technique, because we are going to address all the issues at the same time, and not bother with locating the heart of the issue (because there really isn't one to find, it's just MobileMe).

Firstly, let's get up to date. Go to System Preferences>Software Update>Check Now. Get all the updates that are available.

Once that is complete, go to System Preferences and ensure that you have the MobileMe panel. If it still says .Mac we need to click on it, and under Account, Sign Out. Go back to the System Preferences window and wait 5 minutes. You should get a pop up about updating MobileMe or the such, choose yes to what it offers you and allow it to update.

If you don't get offered the update, don't worry, run software update again and see if anything new is there.

If nothing happens then, let's carry on without the update. We need to reset all the synced data on MobileMe, so ensure that your computer has all the data you wish to sync present and correct.

Go to System Preferences>MobileMe (or .Mac) and enter your details again. Then go to System Preferences>MobileMe (or.Mac)>Sync and at the bottom of the window, Advanced. Choose to Reset Sync Data

Go back to the Sync window and firstly ensure syncing with MobileMe is set to Automatically, and then press Sync Now. It will take several minutes to send all the data to the MobileMe servers.

You should now have clean data on MobileMe and your computer will sync correctly with MobileMe.

Now, to correct the iPhone issue. We have clean data on MobileMe so the issue lies on the phone now. I recommend going to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>MobileMe and choose to delete the account.

Once that is done, turn the phone on and off, then go to Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars and add the account again.

Wait up to ten minutes for your data to be added to the phone. A wifi connection will speed this process up.

If the problem still persists, ensure you have updated to 2.1, and test it again. If the problem is still present, restore the phone to 2.1 and restore your user data at the end of the restore process.

Finally, if this still hasn't resolved the issue, there may be a corruption in your user data and that is the source of the problem. Restore the phone, but don't put your backup onto it. Start fresh by choosing to set up as a new phone.

This is a monster post, so please read carefully, and don't hesitate to ask for clarification.


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Jan 10, 2007

First, I want to thank you for the time you have
taken here to post this detailed explanation in an
effort to help us troubleshoot this problem.

Unfortunately, I am at work and reading your post
it looks like this will be a time involving process that
I just don't look forward to persuing.

I am guessing that you may be part of the MobileMe
suppport team. It's a real benefit to all of us that
you are here.

The real problem I have with all of us is that MobileMe
should not be giving me problems like this nor subjecting
me to waste my valuable time having to troubleshoot software
that should be basically "set it and forget it."

None of us did anything on our computers to cause MM to
cease working. My settings are correct, I have made no modifications
to my Mac and yet MM just decides to stop doing what it has
been doing the past two months.


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Sep 13, 2008

I understand that MobileMe is frustrating and it is very sad that in some cases, it isn't 'Fire and Forget' at first.

I am sure that in time MobileMe will improve, and I encourage you to hang in there.

In the meantime, however, please try the steps I have outlined and let me know if they alleviate the issues.

If MobileMe is no longer viable in your opinion, Apple very kindly offer refunds for MobileMe, in which they only take into account the time you have used so far.

This can be done using the guidelines laid out in this article


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Aug 16, 2008
Chestnut Tree Cafe
So far I like MobileMe. It has done what it said it will do (what I have done so far--granted I have only had it for 2 weeks and haven't used all the features yet) without any problems so far. I'm on the free trial and once that runs out I have the full version ready to use. I haven't tested all of the option, but will. I have no doubt Apple will continue to make improvements and fix the problems that others are having.


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Aug 3, 2008
Push stopped working for me over the last 2 days. I finally have a decent signal on my phone but now push email is not pushing and fetch email is not fetching at the correct intervals, or at all sometimes. Very frustrated.


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Oct 5, 2007
email push has not been working for me since last week. I wake up and Check my phone for mail, and it will say,"updated yeasterday at 1:12pm."

I am getting pretty upset with this, because when I manually check for mail, there are usually five new mails. This is not push.

I am thinking that this may be related to the 2.1 software update, since I have not had a problem before.

Bad Ash

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Feb 20, 2008
Chicago, IL
There are issues with push email the past few days... It was fine when I first updated to 2.1 but the past two days it has been very sporadic. Apple really needs to get on this and quick. It really is a pain. Until then I have my email set to fetch. And I have tried everything from a fresh restore NOT using a back up file to removing the the mobileme account a few times and adding it back.


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Dec 17, 2002
I have never gotten push email to work for any length of time. Contacts and calendar sync just fine, but never email. I almost always have to open the mail app on the iPhone to get any kind of mail notification.

Also, my calendar in the web interface of MobileMe is always blank. The events are there on my iCal and iPhone, but not on the web interface. Go figure.



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Jun 15, 2007
No push for my wife's phone nor mine today.

After the update to 2.1, her POP account is not working either. :rolleyes:

I haven't bothered to check the Apple MM support page, as I'm sure it will say that only 1% are effected. :mad:


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Sep 20, 2007
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poor, poor poor.

I must say I am really disappointed with MobileMe and my iPhone.

I've been a Mac user for over 15 year since we set up my small design firm. God knows how much I've spent on Apple;

What I can remember is:

Apple II Plus,
Apple IIc,
Macintosh 128K,
2X Macintosh Plus,
Macintosh Classic II,
3X Macintosh IIcx,
Macintosh IIsi,
Macintosh LC,
Power Macintosh 5200 LC,
2X Macintosh Quadra 630,
Power Macintosh 6400
2X Macintosh Quadra 840AV
Power Macintosh 8600
Power Macintosh G3
Power Mac G4
2X Power Mac G5

(plus 3 lap tops, printers, drives etc, though from Mid 90's didn't use much in way of Apple peripherals)

Currently went have 4 alum iMacs and two 10 month old Mac Pros.

We have had to send 2 of the alu iMacs back, one with a broken temperature sensor and the other with a faulty graphics card.

I thought I'd give the iPhone a go and then throw in MobileMe to boot. Once again nothing but problems.

Sure my local Apple merchant and the phone support are always helpful. (Expected, since we are a business user), and maybe Apple has just had a bad year, though my trust in apple has been damaged immensely and I’m now thinking of only using Apple for bare essentials.


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Jan 10, 2007
Yeah, MobileMe has been a complete on and off mess since
its implementation.

It all started with Steve Jobs describing it as instant push for all
the applications. Upon actual release of the product, Apple quickly
took that claim away saying that it was not an instant push...and boy
did we discover that problem.

I have been a satisfied Apple owner for almost two years. I have
much faith in the company that they will fix the problem. They
usually always do.

I just need to reiterate my "set it and forget it" comment. Once
this software is set up correctly -- which all of us have done -- there
should not be the need to have to go in and troubleshoot these
problems. Honestly, neither I nor anyone else has the time to sit
and figure out why this software refuses to work properly. That is
the job of the developer. I have no software on my system that
has ever required me to troubleshoot it unless there was an install
error on my own (which is not the case here).


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Jan 10, 2007
Though my iPhone and desktop are in perfect sync, my laptop
still is not.

I can't get rid of email I erased on the other devices. My Macbook Pro
is still listing mail in my INBOX that was erased on other devices.



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Mar 20, 2003
Bay Area
My data is not pushing properly either. When I change things on my imac, I have to manually click the sync option before any data appears on my iphone or server. I'm glad I'm only doing the trial because this service doesn't seem worth paying for.