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Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by lavrishevo, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Just wondering what your comments might be. I have had an iPhone since the first week they were released in 2007. Back when there was no discount. :rolleyes: Anyway, I just ordered an S3 on AT&T because I really want a big screen and something different. Kind of tired of the same old thing. I am going to keep my 4s and probably just switch my SIM back and forth if I desire. Any comments on how you like your S3? You know what is interesting, with those who have the unlimited data plans, like myself, AT&T throttles data after 3 GB on the 4s but does not throttle till 5 GB on the S3. They said it was because it is LTE. Looking forward to setting up the new device when it arrived in a few days.

    And please, don't turn this into iOS vs Android or Apple vs Samsung. Just looking for some rational and intelligent discussion about the phone and how you like or dislike it.
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    My co-worker has the S3 on Verizon and he upgraded from his Motorola Droid X. His wife has an iPhone 4 and he absolutely loves the LTE speeds, loves the screen size (and yes the OS). On his recent 2 week trip for work he really found the screen size an devices performance out gun customers iPhones and our bosses BlackBerry in all respects.

    Yes its personal preference however he was able to more easily read, respond and get access to a faster network.

    In the end I think you will find things that are pro's and con's between each OS, and device. I sold my iP4S in preparation of the iP5 and have looked at the S3 as a possible alternative especially now that Samsung has stated they will release 4.1 Jellybean very soon which means we won't be waiting until Spring 2013 for it.

    I would say roll with it, you can always take it back, but remember the 14 day exchange window.
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    It wouldnt turn into an iphone vs. android thing if you started this thread in the correct sub forum.
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    Fast, fun and very nice to use. LTE on AT&T is much faster than I anticipated. Having purposely set my expectations low, it was a very nice surprise. If not for the nasty assault Apple has launched against any competitor they fear, the upcoming iPhone would have LTE. As it stands, Apple doesn't dare try it.

    The larger display makes typing very comfortable and easy in the landscape view, which is where I spend so much time while handling my email. Working or just surfing on the web is incredibly delightful. The size reduces scrolling to less than half of what one has to do on an iPhone, it's a huge benefit, and time saver.

    Everything about the S III is particularly nice, I'm so happy I bought one.
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    Who are u kidding. Apple already has LTE iPad. They will launch an LTE iPhone despite Samsung holding many LTE patents.
  6. Wrathwitch macrumors 65816

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    So far I am enjoying my S3 more and more every day to be honest. At first, it was just familiarizing myself with the OS and of course wall paper, ring tone type customization.

    And now, just yesterday, I downloaded widget locker and beautiful widgets and have created my own preferred style weather widget/clock lock screen! It doesn't bypass the default security, but I really like it!

    I don't always have LTE since I am just on the outskirts, but I can tell you that the 4G is pretty damn fast compared to my 3G ip4!!
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    What a nice refreshing post :)

    The reason you are enjoying your S3, is that you are approaching it with an open mind, a willingness to learn something new, and as a result you are reaping the rewards.

    It's the same when someone asks me about migrating to a Mac from a Windows computer. The ones that enjoy the Mac, are the ones that have a willingness to learn, be open minded when it comes to differences, and to change, to adapt themselves to the way OS X operates, and as a result they love their Macs.

    If more people would take the approach you are taking (as I have) they would not only find out that Android is quite nice, variety is good, that there are more than just one interesting and useful platform. They'd also find out that in the process they are increasing their own technical knowledge.

    Thanks for being a good example of how one can be successful by taking an open minded approach.

    Finally it's not that I'm advocating for Google or Samsung, or Android.

    What I _am_ doing is advocating for open minds, truthfulness, and a fair evaluation of any technology, not just Apple.

    Cheers :)

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