Anyone else want to own the S1 as piece of history?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by al256, Mar 8, 2015.

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    I'd like to buy another Apple Watch, used or broken of course, sometime in the next year or two and rip out the S1 to put it on display. I'm sure many of you won't feel the same; but if it looks close to the marketing materials, I'll be very happy to showcase it. I'd also be tempted to have someone recreate the Cyberdyne neural net processor case from Terminator 2.

    Also, anyone else thought the Apple Watch would make a good prop to attach to a bomb or other explosive device?
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    And, more importantly, by Sarah Connor :eek:


    OP, the S1 is simply a little circuit board potted in resin for protection. Many toys have similar.

    I'd say it could also be for IP protection, but Apple already showed that it's X-Ray transparent.

    NSA sometimes creates circuits that are metal particle potted and/or covered with direct metal sputtering to prevent reverse engineering. I've even read of a company building on a glass substrate and including a spring-loaded hammer that would destroy the whole thing if the surrounding case is opened. Aha! The "Taptic Engine" is now explained. It's not for us, it's to protect the S1. Open it wrong, and it taps the S1 to smithereens! ;)

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