Anyone ever buy from Sonnet and dealt with their support?

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    So yeah, I got a 1 GHz Sonnet chip. Which I installed according exactly to their instructions. I turned the Mac on. And boom.

    Fire. -.-

    Now I have one dead G4 chip, I'm out of the money (I wouldnt do that to the poor man and take it back on him), and I have one dead Gigabit Ethernet G4 logic board.

    I've been sending emails to Support, where I get replys from a guy named Neal. He asked for pictures, I sent them out, now according to him, the managers and engineers havent said anything. This was on Monday. This is really getting ridiculious.

    I bought it on Craiglist from a nice gentleman who used it a few times and it worked fine. It is still covered under their 3 year warranty because of the datecode on the board is Year 04 Week 26, and this warranty was confirmed by Neal.

    Anyone else ever deal with this company and hit a dead end? I love their products, I had one of their NuBus G3 chips until I traded it to a MR member.

    And just so no one says I'm lying, I have pictures. It shows the resistor that was there, until it caught on fire, melted off, and disintegrated on top of the logic board.

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