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Anyone familiar with


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Jul 19, 2008
Taichung, Taiwan
I'm trying to get $40 to the mac app store as cheap as I can (kinda annoyed I have to buy pages/keynote twice ipad and mac) and will be $32, but it seems a little strange. Has anyone used this site before, is it legit? Google is being worthless for me


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Mar 26, 2008
West Suburban Boston Ma
Don't waste you time on scammers.

Their website gives no telephone number, no address, the icons at the bottom for paypal, verisign, etc are images, not links. Valid verisign would be a link.

VeriSign - shows "click" in the image, but it is not clickable, which is clearly a sign of a shady scam. Using stolen or illegally obtained iTunes gift cards can result in your itunes account being frozen.

get it honestly via a legit means.

Seriously, ordering via paypal and e-mail? how could anything be less secure?
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