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    Jun 29, 2007

    I just read some threads on someone who came up with an xbmc remote, I presume for the original xbox not the 360.

    And it got me thinking. I did some research and it appears that the xbmc has a upnp server. which means that our soon to be released (in alpha anyway) app should be able to access any video or audio, you have on the xbox. Not sure what interest there would be, I used to have a modded xbox but I find it lacking as a media server. I have two mac mini's that serve that function. But there does appear to be some interest, and it doesn't look like it will take any additional coding.

    But my question is, would anybody with xbmc be interested in testing a version of our app with xbmc to see if it works. From what I'm finding, there are media servers that work great out of the box , some that require a bit of tweaking and some that refuse to work at all ie. nero.

    So Just a little testing should tell one way or another.

    if your interested send us a PM and we will consider it.

    You may of seen our review on after that review our utube video site received about 600 hits that day and we recieved a ton of email.


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