Anyone from/live in Hong Kong?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by irishgrizzly, Mar 27, 2010.

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    I don't know much about Hong Kong. For instance, do the Chinese government exert much control over citizens living there? – doing the people have total freedom of speech? If you're born in mainland China, can you easily move there? What is the culture like – how westernised is it?
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    Hong Kong has it's own government. Rules there are a lot more relaxed than the mainland, for the obvious reason. Mainland government has very little influence over matters there and they've been given leave to continue their democracy for 50 years. If they become a failed state then mainland will likely take rule again.

    As for the culture there, a mainland Chinese person would describe Hong Kong as being like the UK, take from that what you will..
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    I was born in HK, came to Canada when I was 8. Been back only once to visit friends, way too expensive there. :(

    Although HK is part of China right now, but it didn't change very much since they took over. It's known as "one country, two systems". And what niuniu said, 50 years no change.

    People there have as much freedom as anyone in UK.

    I think you need a special permit to visit HK if you are born in China and I don't think you can easily move there. You also need a permit to visit China if you are born in HK, but that's easily obtainable. I don't think many Chinese wants to live in HK since China is booming right now. If you are a rich (ie. upper middle class in USA/Canada/UK) Chinese, you live like a king in china, literally. If you are poor, you will be poorer in HK cause the standard of living is pretty high in HK. Also, there isn't much in HK where Shanghai doesn't have. I honestly didn't feel like I was in a communist country when I was in Shanghai.

    HK is as westernised as it can get.

    If you are interested, I would highly suggest you take a vacation there. This is the official HK tourism site.
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    HK is great, and as free as can be in terms of everyday living. You wouldn't even notice that HK is part of China because it's effect is not really visible. The only difference may be that there are more HKers willing to speak Mandarin now due to travellers from China (and yes heehee, a permit is required to visit China), but that's it. You can still go to Haagen-Daaz for a chocolate fondue and then buy $10 (US) drinks at a hip-hop party and talk to other HKers who speak English with an American accent.

    Also, people in HK were a bit worried about things immediately after the hand-over, and they would say things like "I don't feel like HK is a part of China" since they never had any ties to China before the handover. After all, China was a foreign country for many years. However, this has begun to change. This was definitely true a few years ago, when HK's economy was as strong as ever (after a few bad years economically).

    Politically, it's not quite as free as a country like the US, but I'd say it's close enough that most apolitical people wouldn't notice. China has appointed someone to look over HK during this time. He's not in charge, since HKers have a right to vote, but he's a kind of 'mouthpiece' for the Chinese government in China.

    Anyway, it's a nice place if you love food and shopping. If you don't, there are decent beaches and places to hike if you have a car. It's kind of a boring place if you're done with shopping and eating, but then again, it's just a matter of adjusting. ;)

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