Anyone getting a MacBook Air even though an iMac is perfect for their needs?


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Apr 4, 2011
I was dead set on getting the base $1199 iMac since all I ever use a computer for is to browse the web, play some Counter-Strike, and sync my iPhone. I don't have any need for a portable computer and the iMac gives the best price vs. performance factor but ever since the updated MacBook Air has been released, I can't stop longing for one.

I know that as soon as I buy one, it will predominantly sit at my desk but the idea of being able to take it anywhere I want is very appealing. Not to mention that the new refresh has just been released so I am essentially getting the most current bang for the buck.

Is anyone else in my position where they would be better off with a desktop but want that MacBook Air? Price-wise they are both similar (I plan on getting the base 13" model) but performance and feature wise, the iMac kicks butt.


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Apr 28, 2011
You have given absolutely not one reason why you would want the Air over the iMac except for some weird longing and a 2 month difference in "current bang for the buck".

I am confused. Why would you want an Air again?


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Jul 28, 2010
Yup, I am buying a MBA 13" and I have a 27" iMac. I will do it because I need the portability for my last year of college in Mechanical Engineering and still be able to use the big screen and power of the iMac when I need to do CAD work, etc.

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