iPhone SE Anyone go from a Moto G5 plus to iPhone SE

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by frocco, Jun 1, 2017.

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    I am considering these two devices with Verizon.

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    Yes many converted from android to iPhone because of the SE
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    I'm assuming you're picking between the two to buy. Don't have the G5 Plus, but I can try to give some input as I used many Moto phones in the past and have the SE.

    The iPhone SE is pretty fast, as fast as 2016 Android flagship phones, the only negative for me is the somewhat small screen. Otherwise I recommend it.

    Moto G5 Plus is a pretty decent midrange phone and it will run smooth as well because it use stock Android interface. One negative with the G series is the lack of NFC, which can be used for Android Pay, but NFC have more useful functions on Android compared to iOS.

    I would suggest you consider the original Moto Z Play (not the new Z2 Play which have very little improvements and is more expensive). This phone is getting cheaper now (see Best Buy) and is not much more expansive than the G5 Plus. It have NFC, but also a bigger 3500mAh battery, compared to 3000mAh on the G5 Plus and Z2 Play. Z devices are compatible with Moto Mods which the G series lacks.

    However, if camera quality is important, the Moto G5 Plus and Z2 Play will have newer better camera than the Z Play.

    Between the SE and G5 Plus, I would go with the SE because of Apple Pay.
    Between the SE and Z Play, I would go with the Z Play. Although the SE will have a better camera and is more pocketable.
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    Thanks for the in
    Thanks for the info and link. Apple Pay is not a big deal to me as my credit union does not support it. I already have Apple TV and a Mac, but do not want to spend a lot as newer phones are coming out soon(months).

    I can get the G5 for 185.00, and the SE for 200 if I port to AT&T and use a gophone. Problem is Verzion will charge me 175.00 fee for a past phone I had with them that they kept when a deal they promised me fell through.
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    Jun 24, 2013
    I would say the Moto G5 Plus is the best Android budget option out there. Too bad you cannot import the international model with NFC (assuming you're limited to Verizon and AT&T options) because that has a lot of the main features used today. A Full HD display, up to 4gb RAM, a solid camera, splash-proofing, turbo charging, Moto features. Much bigger phone.

    However, there is nothing more safer at that price than an iPhone SE. If you can get by the 4" display and 640p resolution, the phone is a steal at $200. I paid $185 for mine after tax for a 32gb model. Apple Pay, 2gb RAM, iOS 10, 4k capable camera, 5S design, always enabled Siri, A9 processor, Wi-Fi Calling, iMessaging, FaceTime, iOS/Mac Ecosystem, and Touch ID reliability.

    If I had to choose between the G5 Plus and iPhone SE, I go iPhone SE since I can get by the screen difference. Moto has issues with warranty support and software support. The hardware advantages (excluding the processor since Apple's is much better) aren't enough to warrant a venture with Moto. Apple actually killed it with the iPhone SE excluding the screen resolution and a few bugs here and there. One bug involves tapping on iMessaging not registering from time to time. And there is another bug (I believe iOS 10 since I tried it on my dad's iPhone 7+) with trying to swipe down from the top by the earpiece while on a call to get notifications and widgets. My SE has that issue too. But go iPhone SE.
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    Apr 27, 2015
    I have a Moto G4 and an iPhone 5s that I alternate between. Your biggest decision will be size. Both the G5 and SE are fine phones, but nuances in features and software will be dwarfed by the size difference. You'll enjoy the G5 screen to look at and the SE size to carry. If you haven't had a smaller phone like the SE in a while, be sure you can live with it. Some can, some can't.
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    The 200.00 price for the iPhone SE that I saw had to be a gophone for AT&T. Verizon wants 399 for 16gb
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    Dec 28, 2009
    Just to let you know, because I am considering this deal for a phone upgrade. If you don't mind boost mobile, they are running a promotion on the 32G iPhone SE for $160. Their plans start at $35 a month.

    Boost iPhone link

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