Anyone go from Note 3 to 6+?


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Sep 25, 2014
Ok i currently have a samsung note 3 and , as of now, looking to get the note 4. However the 6+ and improved battery life has me interested again in an iphone (my last iphone being the 3g).

Has anyone here specifically gone from the note 3 to the 6+? Id like to hear your thoughts on whether or not you are satisfied with the switch.

I really like the note 4s screen , battery, and openess from the android platform but i feel like i might be ready for a change of pace. I also like how apple pay is doing what google wallet should have done and allow you to pay with your bank cards/CCs from your phone, rather than going through googles own account.


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Oct 30, 2012
I went Note 3 > LG G3 > 6 Plus

I haven't seen the Note 4 screen, but the 6 Plus screen is my favorite of the three above. I know people will say LG G3 is sharper, but I just don't see it in day to day differences. LG G3 screen does have less contrast than the 6 Plus, and even when you perform the screen adjustment in settings to increase contrast the colors lose accuracy.

As for the Note 3 vs 6 Plus I think the screen is way better on the 6 plus - no question about this - sharpness and color. Battery life seems to be long for the 6 Plus just like it was for the Note 3. I think size wise the 6 Plus extra size isn't really noticeable to me. I did like the ability to carry the Note 3 naked and set it down with that plastic backing on any surface. I had to disable most of the Note 3 features because they either did not work or they only worked with Samsung apps. I liked the stylus a lot - wish the 6 Plus had it.

My biggest complaint about Samsung is warranty support. Both my Note 3 and Wife's had warranty problems, which at that time was 10 days to fix before they would return. This was earlier this summer - maybe they are better now. Apple will next day airs you a box, it next day airs to repair, and then it next day airs right back to you. My iPad mini had a problem and it was back to me the same week.


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Sep 14, 2014
Yep. Saw the unveiling for Note 4 and I'm like, ok cool.

Saw the unveiling for the 6 Plus and I was like...Ok I'm gonna get it.

If you use the S-pen a lot, you won't get the same functionality with the iPhone. I use the S-pen a lot, and knew this, but switched anyways because for my uses, better photos and videos trumped the S-pen. Yes, I know that Note 4 has double the megapixels, but photos are not just about megapixels. If I had the money, I'd have both 6 Plus and Note 4. Both have different strengths.

I rooted, added lots of rooted apps to gain extra functionality, and had different launcher to get rid of touchwiz. I just had this feeling though, that there has to be a better way then putting different roms and restoring my apps from Titanium over and over and over. I would spend hours on end on the weekend swapping roms, restoring backups, and tweaking settings. This tells me I might be getting old. I don't want to do that anymore.

Who knows, I might look into jailbreak down the road if I feel the itch, but for now. I like my iPhone 6 Plus over my Note 3.


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Sep 25, 2014
thanks for the input guys. the whole warranty thing isnt really an issue with me. my tmobile insurance will next day air me a brand new phone anyway, and that costs about the same as applecare. also, i very rarely even use my s pen to be pferectly honest.

i think it might come down to which phone i can get in my hands first. im sure the iphone is sold out in all my local stores but if i can order it and get it before october 17th, then ill do it.

is it possible to move movies from my pc to my iphone and watch them? or is there some sort of apple restriction?


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Feb 11, 2008
I went from Note 3 to 6 Plus.

First, hardware is vastly superior. I'm not talking about bend gate lol... but aluminum metal will always trump plastic fake weird leather. It just looks and feels way more premium than the Note 3. Not sure how the Note 4 will feel with the metal border though.

Second, I never used the S Pen... always found it a little gimmicky in that I could do everything much faster myself.

Third, I will say the screens on both are comparable to my naked eye. I don't notice one better than the other.
Haven't gotten to play with the 6+ camera as much, but so far I don't notice a massive upgrade or downgrade in this department either.

Fourth is Ecosystem. I know this is seems like a cop-out to some, but it's just convenient. My wife has iPhone. My family and friends have iPhone. I have a MacBook and my wife has an iPad. It's just convenient really... I don't know really know how to explain it lol.

Fifth, and probably most important... I just wanted change. I had been on Android for 4 years and consider myself somewhat of a tech geek. I like variety and I like experiencing the new and cool gadgets. So, when I saw Apple's first "phablet", I wanted to have it. Of course, I'm still adjusting from an operating system standpoint because I was so used to launchers and random customizations on Android... where Apple seems to be just about simplicity and efficiency. "it just works"

So yeah I probably see a jailbreak in my future just because I get bored :D
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