Anyone had their delivery bumped up?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by AJsAWiz, Apr 12, 2015.

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    It may be a little early for this but . . .

    Has anyone had their delivery time frame bumped up because of cancellations?

    I'm in the May 13 - 27 time window even though I ordered in the first 3-5 minutes after the Apple Store went live. However I don't blame Apple for this. I'm sure they came up with the best method for handling the Apple Watch launch release orders. One thing, probably, beyond their control is that people would order multiple watches (whether it was from uncertainty or for resale opportunists) which, most likely created my situation.

    A few have posted that cancellations (by the uncertain group) would result in more "slots" given to those in the following delivery time window. I hope this is the case but will be happy to get my watch whenever it arrives. I'll only be disappointed if my time window gets moved back.
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    It won't get moved back. Apple is very, very conservative with the estimates.

    Consider. If a ship date is early, the customer is happy, and, most importantly, won't call to complain, so there are no support costs.

    If a shipment is late, however, they will start getting calls thirty seconds later, that will never stop until the item actually arrives.

    It is just plain survival.
  3. saving107, Apr 12, 2015
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    I don't remember what the band shipping time frame was before but after checking the store, the Milanese loop band has a June ship and Modern buckle is unavailable, the rest are all showing a May ship date.

    Did some research and it turns out the time frame for extra bands has been May, so nothing has been bumped up.
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    As others have said Apple is always conservative with estimates but I think we are a bit early to see estimates bump up, things will start to happen as shipping begins.
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    Yeah possibly next week things will start to change. People who are receiving watches on the 24th should start to see updates on their order status and then the rest of us may follow suite

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