Anyone has this experinece with 15" i7 ?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by blackwind, May 15, 2010.

  1. blackwind macrumors regular

    Sep 30, 2008
    Hey everyone. I got my new mbp 15 i7 4gb with 500gb 5400, HS gloss.
    After I got it I tested it with every aspects to see if any problem such yellow tint (a bit but doesn't bother me). Pixel stuck/dead and mainly the freeze and sleep mode (I sudden close the lid it sleep but I notice the new mbp take almost 20sec to go to sleep. Where I have my niese's 2009 mbp 13" lid closed it sleep straight away) that doesn't bother me either.
    Last night I tried to run the batter down to do my first battery caliberation.
    I have heap of files and I must admit the batery say 5:30hr at 90%battery. At 40% it's 4hrs. I am really impressed.

    Now this is what experienced. At the last 1% I knew it will turn to sleep soon. The it went shutdown and the sleep light didn't blink or luminate. It just shut down. So I still follow the intruction leave it there for 4hr or so then charge full this morning. Took 2.5hrs fully charged. My niece mbp it shut but the sleep's light blinked and I am not sure this is normal or what?

    Does any one else has this problem. The heat is good very cool. Both mbp watch avatar hi def mpg4 movie. The 20009 13 mbp hit 65c to 70c warm where my i7 ran under 45 just feel it. Iam quiet happy with it.

  2. blackwind thread starter macrumors regular

    Sep 30, 2008
    Just want to update, I think this 2010 MBP is abit different from the previous year.

    As i expect before, my niece's 2009 mbp sleep straight away once the lid hid the base (i can see the sleep/snooze light on and blinks). where mine i close and if i move around i can see it not sleeping. but if i keep still and it sleep (take around 10sec or so).

    So right now i am on it fully charge. when i first got it coconutBattery said 3 cycles, capacity 98%. now it 99% and hitting back to normal. when i turn it back on, it recover from all the windows and program that i open lastnite. So it did sleep and shutdown.

    So everything is good. people wondering what is my battery is like. Right now, i am on Safari and itunes, and do some other stuff. Bright on 50% and keyboard light off, bluetooth off. Battery light was 100% 6hr19min, now 96% @ 5:51

    I am happy with it


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