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Mar 16, 2009
i am in a very small minority that still likes the size of the iPod touch 6th gen in comparison to my iPhone 6. I use my iPhone all the time and enjoy it a lot, but every time I go into the Apple Store and check out the iPod touch I leave wanting one. Mainly for how good it feels in my hand. That said it is completely redundant to my iPhone 6 and lacks some key features such as Touch ID, but I still like it.

Has anyone here bought the iPod Touch to compliment their iPhone 6/6 Plus and if so, why?

Reno Raines

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Jul 19, 2015
I have both as well. Love to use the iPod touch 6g for music and video separate from my iPhone 6.


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Jun 2, 2006
used to have iphone 6 and ipod touch 6, while the size is great, very comfortable in hand, the lack of 3g and the same use as my iphone 6 but with cellular data made the itouch 6 collecting the dust. i knew that feel when you hold the itouch 6 in store, the design and the size really made me wanting one and i bought it. 2 week of use, it's like im using my iphone but with a lot of hassle because no cellular data. i ended up selling that.

you know rather than having both devices, you better sell the iphone 6 and use your ipod touch 6 budget and combine it to get the iphone 6s. it's amazing. 2 gigs of ram is really working great in iOS and it's alone is really a worth reason to upgrade, and the 3d touch feature for swiping from the edge to switch app or to open recent apps, it's like icing in the cake, and you got a very fast touch ID and processor too. this thing amazing. i wish it comes out in 4" size.


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Oct 22, 2012
Never cross my mind.
I too am a proud owner of IPhone 6 but Ipod touch 6 is only good if I don't own an IPhone. Tried it in store and not really impress, was about the get Ipad mini but 4g version is just too expensive. I listen to music on my phone and if I really want to play casual games, I have my phone for that. At same price, I would rather spend on Ps Vita. I know the game is much more expensive and Ps vita is useless beside a gaming function but Ipod touch can be useless too if you don't have wifi nearby. Some IOS games are free and at the same time can cost more than handheld games with all those iaps with 100 times worst in quality.


Oct 21, 2008
Time, because it rules EVERYTHING!
I will have both, have bought an iPhone 6S 64GB because their are no reliable decent small Android handsets on the market. But I will also be getting an iPod Touch 6th gen for Christmas.

Reason being I will be keeping the iPod Touch and it will store my music for my car, it's replacing my old 3rd gen iPod Nano in my car. And it will run a couple of games, I have some favorite older ones that don't scale up to the bigger iPhone screen.

Plus I will change my iPhone most likely, may be an Android or another iPhone one day, but it will be changed. I don't store music on my phones, and with 4K video and the moving photos feature that iPhone storage will get used up, I believe it's about 330mb per minute of 4K video.
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