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Anyone have experience with a coding bootcamp?


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Mar 12, 2008
I'm considering committing to a coding bootcamp, specifically for web development. I've had an interest in web dev for about 15 years but I never acted on it other than some small hobby websites using basic HTML and CSS. I'd love to have my own small business for front-end web dev stuff, mostly building static websites with HTML, CSS, and some JS. I don't want to do it for the money because it wouldn't be my primary source of income anyway, I just want to do it for me.

If anyone has done a bootcamp or is working as a freelance web dev, how was/is it? There are so many bootcamp options -- how did you pick one?

Is it weird that I'm really only interested in HTML, CSS, and JS, and not any of the more powerful languages?

Do you suggest I commit to a bootcamp or should I just continue being self-taught by building projects and using YouTube and Google when I get stuck?

Any other input would be appreciated. If you want to share your portfolio website, that'd be cool too.
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