Anyone have experience with the ETF?

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    I'm in the very small minority, perhaps 0.55% of users, that is over AT&T and their deceptive practices. Updating to 4.0.1 made it very clear that NO improvements have been made since iOS 2.0.2 in my area.

    Rather than pay AT&T through December I could save some cash by just canceling the line.

    How does this affect your standing with AT&T? Can you signup next year without an issue?

    If I refuse to pay the ETF will it ding my actual FICO score at some point? How will it affect my other line with AT&T?
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    Jul 7, 2010
    Not sure how AT&T works, but when I left Verizon, paid the ETF, they almost immediately sent me offers of $50 off a new phone to sign back up with them. My point being that if you cancel your contract with AT&T I can't imagine you having any trouble signing back up with them at any point in the future if your account was left in good standing.

    *If you refuse to pay the ETF then yes you could have some trouble with them, and yes it will most likely affect your FICO score. It would basically be an unpaid account.
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    Yes, you can sign back with them I think a few months later.
    If you dont pay the last bill or ETF that will probably be included there they can file lawsuit, ruin your credit and you wont be able to get service from them again if you dont pay it in full.

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