Anyone have this Macally case?


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Jul 30, 2007
Ok so the mcase just came in today. I bought mine from shop4tech, they shipped the same day and it came in quite fast.

Overall I am pleased with the fit and finish. The exterior is as clean and perfectly cut as you can get. The camera hole is dead on center. The interior is felt and is not as perfect as the outside but still excellent.

Fit is snug, and not as loose as a review had mentioned. I like it better than the casemate since it covers more of the back and top front and has no clip or clip hole. Like all of these cases it does make typing a little harder on the edges. Oh and I dont know if this is real leather feels kind of rubbery but I like it just the same. Good case cheap price.

I still haven't found a case I like, and this one looks ok. Anybody have one?