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Jun 11, 2009
I have GV setup on my Note 3 to make ALL of my phone calls. It's been that way for a year and has functioned flawlessly. I place a call on my phone and it connects through GV with very little delay, maybe a second or 2, and otherwise a perfect call.

Fast forward to Google Voice being integrated into Hangouts. Now you can opt to receive SMS and GV Voicemail in Hangouts. You can also dial out straight through Hangouts, but this is VOIP and not going through your carrier like the old GV app functioned. So I set my SMS and GV voicemail to go through Hangouts, but I noticed some VERY weird behavior.

Now when I go to make a call NOT from hangouts but from my regular Android dialer I get stuck on a screen saying "Calling via Google Voice" with a spinning dial for literally minutes (see first picture). After a minute or two the call fails and it says "Google Voice could not connect"(see 2nd picture). After that I retry and most of the time the 2nd calls goes through although it still takes a long time, sometimes it does fail a 2nd time though.

Since then I've uninstalled the Hangouts dialer and turned off SMS/GV voicemail inside hangouts. But the same exact behavior persists. I'm so bummed as I rely on GV every single day for every single call I make. I can only assume either 1) there was some kind of network change that makes calling less reliable or 2) somehow my GV is stuck using VOIP instead of calling through my carrier.

Anyhow anyone else getting this? I'm about to uninstall hangouts but I have a lot of SMS in there that I need to backup. I guess I will probably end up going back to a titanium backup and see if that works.


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Jul 16, 2014
you probably have chosen GV to be a default app for the dialer. you can clear GVs settings about defaults from settings, apps, all apps and then select GV and click the button "clear defaults". it affects all "defaults" of GV and when you launch apps again, it will ask to set GV as a default one. with dialer you need to answer no.


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Jun 11, 2009
If anyone is interested I fixed this. I cleared my cache and data for both hangouts and google voice. I also signed out and signed back in. No idea which one worked, but now GV is back to how it was before. GV mixed with hangouts is definitely not ready for prime time.


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Oct 22, 2003
I've had Google Voice as my primary number for a few years now.

I only use it through my iDevices -- Either an iPad through home wifi, or AT&T cell data. Or an iPod Touch tethered to a Nexus 4 on T-Mobiled $30 month plan.

Since the switch, I've had a couple of instances here Google Voice was unable to connect a call. Both times to the same number -- a number I had been able to call in the past.

That's the only connection issue I've had with it ... that I'm aware of ... Otherwise, not thrilled with the changes -- other than the improved call quality over Talkatone. Hopefully it gets improved at a reasonable rate. We'll find out as it goes.

I was a big fan of Growl Voice, and was sorry to see that get cut off. Not impressed with the attitude expressed by Google over that:!topic/voice/-a_4zpAkOD8

I'm half eyeballing other options to GV, but it's not a high priority for me. It still mostly works OK enough.
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