Anyone having problems with Messages?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by VolceOntra, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. VolceOntra macrumors 6502


    Apr 25, 2007
    I searched and checked out of couple threads, couldn't find something like this:

    First time, it shows an error with an exclamation point. Regardless of who I sent it to and regardless if the message is just plain text, picture, or video.
    2nd time, it sends just fine.

    This is only a problem under ML and everything is normal on iOS.

    Any ideas/suggestions?
  2. paul117 macrumors regular

    Feb 17, 2012
    i sometimes get this on my mac and iphone and ipad.... usually caused by my internet connection when my speed gets slowed from going over my limit.... i also have other issues like when i start my computer and messages starts it will quit with an error or i will simply have issues sending and receiveing files.
  3. heydrew macrumors newbie

    Sep 7, 2011
    The Internet
    About 12 hours ago my messages stopped going through on both my iPhone and my macbook. I just get the generic: "Your Message Could not be Sent"
  4. thasan macrumors 6502a

    Oct 19, 2007
    maybe its still the old problem? u know...if u clear all the previous messages, things used to get better in the old imessage.
  5. Skoopman macrumors 6502

    Sep 24, 2011
    Messages worked fine for me after I upgraded to ML. I did a clean install and now it doesn't work anymore. I can send an iMessage to a clients iPhone, but not to his Mac. I just get the exclamation mark. Weird.. Tried to change my password, used a VPN and the Google DNS, nothing works.

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