Anyone here ever use Geek Squad?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FoxyKaye, Mar 27, 2008.

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    Here's the scoop - I have a recently-obtained iBook G3 running Tiger that was installed via Target Disk mode. Since the iBook is a hand-me-down it hasn't cost me anything but a little bit of time installing software and such.

    However, it only has a CD drive, and I was recently able to obtain a compatible CDRW/DVD drive from an iBook that was being stripped for parts at my workplace.

    Geek Squad claims they will be able to install the DVD drive for $40, which is a fair sum considering the PITA using the DIY approach to the iBook really is.

    But, well, it's Geek Squad and Best Buy, and my fear is all that they'd do is go online and use the exact same take-apart manuals I would since it's an older iBook.

    So, my choices are:

    1) Let sleeping dogs lie - if the hard drive or optical drive currently in the iBook fails, then consider replacing one or both using option 2 or 3.

    2) Take it to Geek Squad and hope for the best. However, I get the feeling that if they borked something else in the iBook that they wouldn't exactly buy me a new one, would they?

    3) Do it myself and hope for the best. Not a joyous experience, since I was the one who stripped the aforementioned dead iBook at work for parts.

    I'm leaning toward choice #1, but since the replacement of the optical drive and potentially even the existing hard drive in the iBook would cost in theory no more than $80 labor, since I got it for free this would be money well spent.

    So, has anyone ever used Geek Squad for Apple hardware repair and service, and if so, how did it turn out? Are they even qualified for working on Macs? Will they guarantee their work, and if they screw up something else in the iBook (since we all know the iBook G3s are touchy) what will they do to recompense? Any thoughts are welcome.

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    I say DIY.

    You seem comfortable enough with opening up machines.

    Yes, the iBook is a pain, but it's not like it's under warranty or anything...
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    My neighbor took his HP desktop into geek squad. They told him it would need a new power supply and DVD drive, and I think something else as well. He said forget it, paid them $40 for looking at it, and took it home. Geek squad had left all of the cables unplugged, so he plugged them back in and turned the computer on. Everything worked perfectly. Geek squad wanted a few hundred dollars to fix it, when it turns out the only thing that was wrong was a loose connection.
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    never used them, but recently I wish I did.. I was mounting an LCD TV on my wall and literally laughed out loud when they tried to sell me their installation for $250.. "How hard could it be?", I figured.. About 4 hours into it as I was making another frantic rush to Home DEpot before they closed, with my dignity now fully destroyed in front of the wife and kids it hit me.. just as I was feeling like half a man for getting 7 colors of crap kicked out of me by a TV, it dawned on me, the freaking rack was $125 bucks alone- lol--then you add in another $50 for cables and stuff and that $250 total looked like a If I had to do it all over again I would still install it myself, but only because I'm more stubborn than I am smart..
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    Why would you hire a

    1) Overpriced
    2) Underpaid
    3) Likely Unskilled
    4) Geek

    to fix/setup your computer?
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    The $250 included cables and wall mount?

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