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Anyone here with Retina Macbook Pro and Thunderbolt Display??


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Original poster
Aug 14, 2006
Just wondering how the Thunderbolt display now stacks up against the retina macbook pro. I noticed my dual 24" Samsung LCD screens don't look all that great anymore after getting the retina display macbook pro.


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May 9, 2010
Amsterdam, NL
I have this setup. I must say I still use my Thunderbolt Display with ease and do not really get irritated because of the a bit less than perfect pixel density. It looks still fine to me (I do see the difference, of course).

But as I (and others, I assume) sit further away from the Thunderbolt Display than I do with the Retina MacBook Pro, I do not really find it an issue.


Still looks great, just not as sharp!

You have a 17" Antiglare 2011 2.3 i7 rMBP? Seems to me some numbers are being messed up:cool:
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