anyone install raid ssd's in imac 27"

Discussion in 'iMac' started by mystikjoe, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. mystikjoe macrumors regular

    Jan 29, 2010
    just wondering if anyone has done an internal raid setup with ssd's i have one intel and got a deal on another was thinking about doing a raid setup and doing a firewire 800 for external 2tb hard drive. ssd is sick fast to begin with in the real world will i be able to tell the difference on the raid vs non raid setup? thanks!
  2. copperlab macrumors member

    Aug 1, 2008
    I have two intel g2 160s in an imac 27" setup in RAID0 w/ 128k stripe. It works very well and xbench tests show drive speed to be a little under two times as fast as a single 160 G2 in my macbook pro. For external storage I have a Drobo w/ 4TB via FW800. iTunes and Aperture on on the Drobo. Works great.
  3. rmm5t macrumors newbie

    Jan 20, 2010
    Sweet. What product did you use as an enclosure to hold the two SSDs inside your iMac, or did the second SSD replace the optical drive?
  4. copperlab macrumors member

    Aug 1, 2008
    I put one drive in the optibay and the other in the regular hd spot. The superdrive is now in an external usb enclosure.
  5. tchockey macrumors member

    Feb 9, 2010
    hi copper
    do have any scores before and after raid install.
    want to know score with one ssd 160 and then in raid.
  6. lasuther macrumors 6502a

    Feb 13, 2004
    Grand Haven, Michigan
    In January 2009 A-DATA announced a 3.5" enclosure that would hold two SSDs in a RAID 1 configuration internally. I would love to replace my internal hard drive with one of those. But I haven't found any product launch info or where to buy it. Does anyone now of something similar?

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