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Anyone know how to download online video?


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Aug 11, 2012
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both are useful for youtube though neither support the video you linked

when downloading online video if you have the choice .webm provides better quality than .mp4 or .flv but is a little more restrictive in terms of compatibility.

you can actually download directly from the 'activity window'

The activity window shortcut is ⌥+⌘+A (alt+cmd+a)

Scroll down to the correct webpage
Locate the file - probably the only one in Megabytes
Hold ⌥ (alt/option) and double click the file to begin downloading, you don't need to wait for streaming to complete.

this does not work with protected videos

Used on youtube it will likely display the video in a bunch of small files

The way around this is to double click the video and choose 'pop out' the video will then open in a new tab and subsequently show up in the activity menu
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May 6, 2016
Ocala, Floridah
Download helper should be called Occasional Downloader...I have been on youtube and wanted to download a video and it says...NO MEDIA TO PROCESS.


Sep 9, 2012
There are many applications that do this.

I chose 4k Video Downloader a while ago and I'm very happy with it. It's fast, highly customisable yet very easy to use, you simply copy a link and paste it into the program. It's shareware but has cool features like automated playlist downloading on YouTube. I also set it to download original (best) quality where possible by default. It works with Vimeo too. Well worth the price for something reliable.
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