Anyone know the names of cool server software for Leopard?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by gavinstubbs09, Dec 4, 2015.

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    Since I'm making my G5 into a server, I was curious if anyone out there knew of any sever software and what it does (yeah I run the software archive and I know nothing about the server stuff, lol). All I can think of off the top of my head is DeployStudio and CarbonCopyCloner.

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    Sorry Gavin. My only foray into server software is Windows stuff. Although there may be Mac versions.

    Retrospect comes to mind. AdmitMac is Windows, but Thursby Software has the DAVE client which runs on PowerPC Macs.
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    Deploystudio hasn't worked on PowerPC in a really long time, so it'd be of very limited value. If you don't have other old Macs that need to have OSes deployed to over the network, it's not something that'd be useful to you.
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    The mention of Carbon Copy and Retrospect leads me to think you're looking for backup software so I'll throw my favorite into the ring.
    ChronoSync along with ChronoAgent do a very nice job.

    Edit: just now noticed that while Cronosync has a version for Leopard, CronoAgent does not go back that far.
    Sorry for any confusion.
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    WebStar is a useful web server solution if you want to run an intranet or internally test perl/PHP scripting, it was quite popular pre-OS X and the company sadly EOL-ed the product sometime in 2007. It got gov't usage by the Army before the XServe launched, performance of WebStar was ~15% better than OS X Server and fairly secure out of the box.

    If you don't care about OS X I'd suggest setting up a LAMP server via Lubuntu, you could roll your own cloud storage solution on the home network and also create/develop/test web-based software.

    As far as storage sharing of OS X, bottlenecking is common from multiple small file syncing/copying if there is multiple connections to the Mac. OS X supports 5 users on a disk share, OS X Server is unlimited. As much as I may love Apple, OS X for network share performs really poorly compared to Linux & Windows.
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    What functionality are you looking for?
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