Anyone KVM/KVMP savy?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by helskanki, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. helskanki macrumors newbie

    Feb 5, 2011
    Hey guys i have a tech issue for anyone KVM/P switch savvy.
    I am looking for a switch that has excellent Macintosh compatibility.
    Just got an ATEN switch that's geared for windows with mac support and all i can say is i had to sell it a few days later. Also i tried a Belkin DVI flip, and it worked but i need better features.
    If no one knows the answer id REALLY appreciate if you point me to the right forum or company/entity/source for my continued searching.


    Macintosh Mac Book Pro x 2
    USB 2.0 Hub (powered) with attached peripherals needs to be switchable along with DVI video.
    I will run my mouse off the hub along with a few electronic music peripherals.
    One of the features i am looking for here is a mouse function for switching like the ATEN had (scroll wheel double click).
    It is important that the switch can happen while the peripherals are turned on and running.
    I have little knowledge on KVMP and what it can do as opposed to the standard KVM.

    The KVM/P has to be able to be placed a fair distance away from the monitor and the USB 2.0 Hub with its attached peripherals.
    Would it be wise to go for an Ethernet connection for long distance (10m)
    The DVI signal and USB 2.0 signal would have to travel this distance.

    Let me explain why i need this.

    I am experimenting with a live electronic music set up.
    This setup is utilising two programs that work fine most of the time, but crashes still happen. (working this out over past year with techs from companies)

    I want to be able to switch between the two computers that are ready with the same software.

    The two computers would be off stage. some stages are quite big hence the approx. 10m distance requirement.

    When one laptop crashes i can initiate the switch (hopefully with a mouse function)

    The USB 2.0 peripherals take around 2 seconds to fully switch and be recognised by the programs i am running. (this i found from the Belkin DVI test)

    The DVI takes one second. (running a Lilliput DVI monitor)
  2. helskanki thread starter macrumors newbie

    Feb 5, 2011
    Based on what IOGEAR have i was thinking the closest solution would be something like:

    GCS1102 (2-Port DVI KVMP)
    mixed with
    USB KVM Console Extender USB, VGA (CAT5e cable up to 500 feet away - very nice!)

    Is it possible to have 2-Port DVI KVMP with a remote like the USB KVM Console Extender?

    It seems IOGEAR do not make a 2-Port DVI KVMP Console Extender.

    If i can avoid VGA i will, but as a very last resort i could downgrade to this bad resolution.

    I can not avoid KVMP technology though, neither can i avoid USB 2.0 Hub functionality.

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