Anyone mailed iPhone to Apple for exchange?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by amitdoc2b, Nov 4, 2009.

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    I have hairline cracks in my iPhone 3GS and heard it can be replaced through Apple. I don't live close enough to an Apple store to get there after work before they close during business hours, so I plan to send it in. Does anyone know the turnaround time for receiving the new phone after sending in the old one? Or do they send the new one and a box to send in the old one? I'm not quite sure how it works.

    Let me know your experience.

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    You have two options. First, there is the standard exchange: Apple will mail you an empty box, you return the box with your phone enclosed, and Apple will return your unit repaired or a replacement unit.

    There is another option, Advanced Exchange, which costs an additionally $29, or is free with the purchase of the AppleCare protection plan. With this method, Apple will mail you a replacement phone first, and you return your broken phone in the same box.

    The turnaround time with the first method varies depending on your location, but Apple promises a 3 day turnaround from the time they receive your phone. The second option provides for a much quicker turnaround, because you receive the replacement phone at the beginning of the transaction, and you are never without your iPhone. (All shipments regardless of the method you choose are made next day air.)
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    I have done it the standard exchange, Apple will mail me an empty box, I return the box with my phone enclosed, and Apple replaced with a replacement unit. It took one day for them to get the old one and that same day the replacement was in the mail. So about 2-3 days turnaround at the most.

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