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Feb 7, 2013
It works pretty well, only things holding it back are the one port, screen size, and lack of power to run a hundred VSTs at a time. If you're just working with less tracks or rendering tracks to disk if you use ALOT of VSTs on them, it's fine. Also, the fanless quietness is awesome.

Yr Blues

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Original poster
Jan 14, 2008
Also, the fanless quietness is awesome.

That's really cool.

I try to use as little VST as possible apart from virtual instruments. I really want to use more analog hardware like EQ and compressors but I need to upgrade my UMC204HD to something with lots of i/o.

Zeke D

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Nov 18, 2011
Another thumbs up for using my 12" 2017 for audio production. The fanless operation is nice, Adobe Audition works well, and a USB-C port replicator can be had for $40 on Amazon for peripherals.
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