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Mar 8, 2012
Was about to buy the Ring Battery Camera and dip my toe into the home security area. Didn't want to get the whole lot as some of it is wired and we're moving in 6 months, but we do need a front door camera as we let delivery people open the front door to leave packages while we WFH. It's been handy, but I would feel better with a camera there especially if it was kinda visible in the hallway. We're looking to move to home office from living room downstairs to upstairs as it seems we can do this more permanently and the camera makes a lot more sense now if we want to continue the convenience and contact free deliveries of letting couriers open the front door and leave packages. We've moved out of the city and into a pretty rural quite area as a bonus of the WFH opportunity, so we've experimented with being less protective (no way we'd have an unlocked front door in London!). Thought it would help to explain the use case a bit.

Anyway! Was about to buy the Ring Battery Cam now but then saw price had dropped to £69 and through that was odd, so went for a look to see why and it appears Nest now do battery models.

And they do battery doorbell too.

It all seems kinda the same to me. Can anyone give some pointers in terms of user experience between Nest and Ring, what is this stuff like reliably in practise and which is maybe the better ecosystem to go for (new Nest v older Ring).

Any limitations/bottlenecks a user might come up against? How well do they work with Apple's phones and Macs - everything we have is Apple. Phones, laptops, 5 HomePod minis all over the house...

I do like how I could setup the Nest stuff myself and then move it all to the new place without drilling etc. I'd be able to buy the doorbell and hub and couple of cameras and set it all up and play around with it now, which I'd enjoy I think.

Thanks for any advice on any angle of them!
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Feb 9, 2014
I finally got my Nest Doorbell installed and love it. I love the quality of the camera and how easy it is to save and edit footage. It is a bit more monthly for the subscription vs ring, but reading reviews between Nest and Ring was the reason I went with Nest. It just depends on what works for you - I wanted a wired set up and didn’t want to spend $$ on additional battery packs or having to recharge the battery all the time. I would watch YT videos of all the ring models just to see what would fit for you.


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May 13, 2015
I have used Ring cameras for years and they work great. Cannot attest to Nest.


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Oct 28, 2019
Des Moines, Iowa
I was going to consider one of those. I have IP cameras - Foscam which I setup with my PC and an app on myiPhone and I can see everything at home when away, I had to do port forwarding and dyndns and good to go. But of late, the cameras are fickle and I can see them at home. I can see the ADT unit I have (DVR no cloud, plugged into the modem and use dyndns to access them.) So I have considered getting rid of the IP cameras only because the foscam software won't work with macs. BUt I am glad to see about the ring and will consider. I have cameras int he living room, furnace room, kitchen.
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