Anyone Really Use Keychain?


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May 18, 2007
Just wondering whether anyone really uses Keychain Access to keep track of all of their passwords and other personal information. I've run some searches and there really are very few comments about the program, both here and on Apple's support site. Makes me wonder whether it is not used for some reason, or is used only sparingly to keep mail passwords.

Back in my PC days, I used a program called Splash ID, which synched well with all of the PDAs I used over the years, including my current Motorola Q. I now have the desktop version of Splash ID installed on both my Mac Pro and my MacBook Pro, and I manually copy the data file to the Motorola Q every week or so. I have over 700 entries in the data file now -- everything from web passwords, insurance information, bank account numbers, etc.

Keychain appeals to me because of its seamless operation with Safari (I am sort of fanatical about using a different password for every website) and the ability to use .Mac to easily sync the password file between my 2 Macs.

Any thoughts? Worth using or stay away?



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Jan 25, 2007
Most Mac applications use Keychain to store passwords automatically, like safari, adium, mail, ext. You use it all the time without even realizing it.

Therefore, I use it every day.