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Aug 9, 2012
Knoxville, TN
I have an Individual plan with AT&T and I was just trying to switch to a mobile share plan through myAT&T. I wanted to choose the 4GB mobile share plan, but when I checked the box next to my current plan under "add devices to mobile share plan" I get an error message that reads "this product [prod6130286] is not compatible with the mobile share group you selected."

Anyone who made the switch to a mobile share plan, did you run into this problem?


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Sep 8, 2012
I upgraded to mobile share about 3 weeks ago and I had no problems setting it up and I like it so much better I never run over my data anymore and it's about 10 cheaper


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Sep 30, 2012
I also did not have any problems setting up mine (with me and my wife). I'm guessing it has something to do with the accounts of the other people you are trying to add. I'd call ATT.


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Sep 13, 2006
I just did mine! So easy. I gave up unlimited data on one of my phones that was grandfathered, but I'm definitely better off with the Mobile Share overall!


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Sep 23, 2012
Hey OP, I got the same error while trying to change mine over. I actually just chatted with an online rep and they were able to change it for me on my next billing cycle.

In my case, I think it's not a bad deal. My girlfriends line was always going over 200MB for $15 so upping hers would be another $15 if I went the individual route. She normally uses only 300-500MB a month though, so we went with the 1GB plan + 2 Unlimited Talk/Text for smartphones. We use a lot of minutes/texts(that aren't always iMessages) so this plan made sense for us...only $10 more for 600MB more and that's more for her since I don't use much data at all.

PS - I know this is really O/T but...has anyone played with the free mobile hotspot feature? How well does it work?


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Dec 14, 2007
Help me understand how mobile share is better.

I have a ipad with 5GB for $37.50/month
I have an iPhone 5 with Unlimited for about $80

On Share for 6GB:

$90 + $35 + $10 = $135

When does share make sense?

Or perhaps it does not if have unlimited.


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Sep 21, 2012
Yes, it ended up being a hair more expensive because of taxes, but I feel we get more data and you get free hotspot's on the iPhones for your laptop or ipads. One thing to keep in mind the "taxable" portion on our plan ended up being higher than our old plan which resulted in higher taxes (I spend an hour on the phone with their accounting dept trying to figure out how they calculate taxes). I also added 7 of my family members to my phone plan and we split the bill which saves a lot.


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Oct 14, 2005
Hey OP, I got the same error while trying to change mine over. I actually just chatted with an online rep and they were able to change it for me on my next billing cycle.
Same here. Just clicked the "Chat with Support" button on the web page and they got it all setup for me.

STiNG Operation

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Aug 15, 2012
The Zoo
Switched over last month. Wish I could have kept unlimited but for our family plan this is way better. My family used a ton of minutes and I used all the data but now we don't have to worry about all that. Except for going over 4gb data. Not too bad. Hopefully these new plans help the network speeds.


Feb 9, 2010
I had the same type of problem with my iPad since it was on a monthly plan. I had to go to an AT&T store and have the SIM card switched.
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