iPad Anyone tried BTC Keyboard with Trackpad on Jbed IOS7 Ipad


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Feb 10, 2013
Hi Friends,

My decision of purchasing Ipad Air rests a lot on it being able to have mouse input using BTC Keyboard app. On its description page, it is showing compatible upto 6.1.

Has anyone tried using it on IOS7 jbed and able to use mouse successfully?


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Jan 4, 2008
BTC Mouse and Trackpad is not yet compatible with iOS 7 even if you jailbreak your device. I have just today received an email from the developer promising to make it compatible with iOS 7 in February. You should buy your iPad now and restore it to iOS 7.04 via iTunes (do not do upgrade over the air). Then, you can either jailbreak it now or jailbreak it later. Apple will most likely fix the vulnerability that the evaisi0n jailbreak uses in the next iOS update. You may be too late to the party if you don't purchase your ipad now and restore it to iOS 7.04 via iTunes. When a new iOS version comes out, do not upgrade your iPad until you make sure it can be jailbroken on that iOS version.


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Jan 6, 2014
Just got an Air and it comes with factory installed IOS 7.0.4. Should I do an IOS 7 restore from iTunes to ensure I can JB with 7x in future?
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