Anyone tried Level 8 cases/sleeves for MBP ( best sleeve perhaps)?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Gameaholic, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Gameaholic macrumors member

    Mar 6, 2010
    Hey guys,

    Not sure if i want to buy the Level 8 neoprene slimcase for the MPB or not but so far it looks really good. The extra padding on the inside provides much more protection it seems than the average sleeve. And it looks pretty stylish :). Here is the site: Anybody here have any experience with them?
  2. Gameaholic thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 6, 2010
    I'm surprise no one has tried their products yet?
  3. Gameaholic thread starter macrumors member

    Mar 6, 2010
    One more bump just to see if anyone tried this product
  4. RubbishBBspeed macrumors regular

    Aug 1, 2009
    Stop using this forum for cheap advertising.... Nah only messing. Haven't seen anyone around the industrial park here using them. and there are a serious amount of Mac users on the park but then again this is blighty and there doesn't seem to be a distributor for the UK market.

    Although there's also a company on the park here who make flight and shipping cases for the film and music industry, they'll knock up a case for a few quid if asked nicely.
  5. Xombie11 macrumors regular

    Nov 2, 2009
    TMF has had some great things to say about their 'Atlas' backpack.

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