Anyone tried Logitech ultraflat keyboard?


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Dec 7, 2005
compost heap

Huh? They appear to be windows keyboards! Are you asking how they are on pcs? Because most mac users would refuse to use a win keyboard (myself included) for a mac. And if you want to go that way anyway, why this keyboard... there are a million windows keyboards out there. Weird. Now, if you had a Mac keyboard to evaluate - that would be interesting! But windows??? Strange. Besides, I can see it doesn't have any extra USB inputs, which right off the bat loses interest for me... lets say I want an external keyboard for my iBook (you mentioned iBook/PB in your post), well, that would eat up one of my USB outlets on the iBook, and I'd want it back through the keyboard. For example, the Macally IceKey is sweet.

P.S. Also would be nice if you included a linky in your post. Most folks will not be interested in googling for something you mention. You want opinions, provide the link, that's not too much to ask.


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Nov 16, 2004
PC keyboards do not have exactly the same keys as Mac keyboards. I'm not sure exactly how a PC keyboard maps out to Mac keys, as I've never had any need to try it.

There are plenty of after-market Mac keyboards. This is a very nice one.

Jiddick ExRex

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May 14, 2006
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OldCorpse said:
Huh? They appear to be windows keyboards ... etc etc.
I was asking for people who had tried it, not people who can see a miniscule picture of it online. But whatever, here you go you lazy bum :D,CRID=2166,CONTENTID=11522

Interestingly enough, I cannot seem to find the same product in the US shop. Oh well.

My experience with Logitech is that they also have Apple keys (it's really just the windows key with an alternate logo on it). I use a Logitech keyboard right now and I honestly really like their products. Of course it's not an Apple keyboard, but I am mostly looking for a keyboard that has the same feel as my iBook keyboard. Whether it's wired or RF doesn't matter, you need to use a USB port anyway. As far as I know, bluetooth keyboards with flat keys are not that common.