Anyone tried Relish New Broadban offering in London

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    Jun 2, 2010
    Anyone in London UK tried the new Wireless Broadband offering from Relish and what is your experience to date. This is a Home Broadband service using the 4G spectrum and provided with a Four port router.

    They are promising between 30 and 50 Gig in their literature and on the post code checker but after a week of using it the best I am seeing is 13 Gig down and 7 gig up.

    You can cancel the one year contract after two weeks without any commitment and I am still undecided if to keep it or not. I am also concerned the performance may get even worst if they get a lot of take up.
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    Nov 23, 2011
    I've always stuck with Virgin Media myself -- pure fibre-optic, no line rental necessary. Also I've always been extremely suspicious of new ISPs. Often they spend more on advertising than bolstering their bandwidth and making sure their users can handle it (TalkTalk and Plusnet are worst for this), and you end up getting a terrible service.

    The big three (VM, Sky, BT) will pretty much always give you fairly decent speeds with comparatively limited throttling, as their infrastructure can handle it. And between the choice of those three, if you can't find a plan you like that's good value for money, decent speeds and a reliable connection, you won't be able to find it elsewhere (IMHO).
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    Jun 2, 2010
    If Virgin or BT Fibre was an option there would be no issue. It is difficult to believe but in the heart of London I am still limited to ADSL with 5 Meg downloads. BT has been promising a Fibre option for two years now but still nothing.
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    Holy moley, really?! :eek:

    Would you be happy to pop in your postcode in ... Not sure if you already have but I believe VM & BT Fibre use different fibre services so one might come before the other :)

    EDIT: also a live chat option there, they might have an ETA on services?
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    Birmingham, UK
    Well Fibre to the Cabinet - it's coaxial to your home.

    Sadly i'm stuck with 5mb ADSL, my Exchange is Fibre enabled but my street cab (BT) is not economically viable to upgrade. I might look at Virgin, but complications with the street point and getting cable to my property might be too expensive for virgin to consider (usually £300 is reserved for their contractors to install it - it can get pushed to £600 though).
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    I can't get fibre in Paddington area. In fact most of the centre has still not be fibres up because it's a mess under these ancient streets. So after I moved house I cancelled Virgin and tried Relish. Well I am pleased to say the results are excellent. The speeds vary depending on things like local traffic and local interference but I have full five bar reception. During the quiet hours of the morning and night I see the maximum speeds of up to 64mb/s. At busy peak hours I see normal broadband speeds around 20mb/s average. Upload speeds are always better than broadband because DSL is capped at 1 meg.
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    I've tried Relish about this time last year and its true that time of day has a big factor on speeds however even more important is how close to a window you will be. And which window too. I know it sounds obvious but really don't expect to have the same quality of 4g reception as you would for your mobile phone provider. That's why they have the 14-day test option.

    At the end, I found out that my building have a deal with Hyperoptic and I now have a steady 100MB fiber connection (though I had to change the router from an wireless n to ac, the one they gave could never pushed faster than 50MB). I would actually recommend anybody that lives in a property development to try and petition to get that.
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    Make sure to test your speed using a speedtest service, such as, and not just regular use cases.
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