Anyone tried the Kensington SD200v dock with their MBA?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ducatidoc, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. ducatidoc macrumors regular


    Apr 20, 2008
    First off, I am new to Mac so sorry for the noob-ish questions that may ensue...

    Got an MBA a while back (Mid February), and am just now migrating out of my old Dell into my MBA. I find myself in a quandary -- buy bluetooth accessories or invest in a dock for the MBA.

    I heard the Kensington sd200v dock is nice, and OS X drivers are in beta. Anyone running this setup on their Mac? I really need the ability to unplug and go at the drop of a hat. The prospect of outputting graphics for an extended desktop, audio, and a USB hub all through one USB connection is VERY attractive. Needless to say, it will all be in vain if I need to reset my graphics properties every time a disconnect and reattach. I have no experience with Kensington products, and ma curious how well they function in the Mac environment.

    Obviously, picking up and moving is easy with bluetooth accessories, but besides my mouse and keyboard I also have 5 or 6 other USB devices that I regularly cycle through and would prefer to not have to plug and unplug.

    That's my problem, any suggestions would be a big help. I have a new bluetooth Mighty Mouse sitting on my desk in the plastic, and am not sure how much longer I can hold out before tearing this puppy open.
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    Aug 30, 2007
    Atlanta, Ga
    This is similar to the belkin slot docking station. They both 'emulate' the video. I'm be curious to hear how it works as well. The belkin version (at the time I looked at them had no osx drivers) was an express card interface. It looked good but no mac support and when I found out it was basically a VNC/Remote desktop software I turned away.

    This one is similar if you want the video support. You have to install the software for video support and further reading into the details shows it's still similar to a VNC/Remote desktop type software.

    Still I'm curious how well it works as well. It might do it just fine, like for playing games etc on a big monitor, it seems the resolution is lacking but I'm going to keep an eye on this thread since my wife's MB would utilize our external monitor if it was easier to hook up.
  3. ducatidoc thread starter macrumors regular


    Apr 20, 2008
    Thanks for the feedback! I called Kensington today, and after a slightly frustrating conversation with an overseas tech support agent I came to learn that "Now Mac OS X- beta version available" actually means "we have no OS X drivers available at this time." She indicated that the drivers would be available this month, but then again I had seen them advertised as debuting in March when I first learned of this product back in February. Just to be sure, I called Kensington corporate and they confirmed that no drivers exist at this time. Bummer. Still hoping it works as advertised though; seems like it would be a "must-have" accessory for the MBA.

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