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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by fastlanephil, Nov 2, 2013.

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    Nov 17, 2007
    I want to use my current 2011 iMac as a sample library slave computer via ethernet and Vienna Pro 5 connected to another Mac.

    The tricky part is that I also would like to use the iMac's display using Target Display Mode via Thunderbolt. Apple states that the Firewire and USB ports don't function while in TDM but applications on the slave iMac will continue to run. Apple makes no mention of the ethernet port.

    I have tried the Apple Support forum and I have also called AppleCare but no definitive answer on this type of configuration.

    I bought a (2m)Apple Thunderbolt cable for 1/2 price on Ebay and also a ethernet crossover cable. The next step is to borrow someones Mac that has TB and see if I can get a ethernet connection while in TDM.

    If it does work then hopefully Vienna Pro 5 will also continue to function with this configuration.

    The advantage of doing this is that all my copy protected instrument libraries that are on my iMac won't have to be reauthorized. Only VE Pro 5 will have to be installed and authorized(dongle also) on my iMac.
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    Rather then "target Display" just use the network based "remote display" then all the ports work.
    Note you can make a network connection between two computers using Thunderbolt. Yes IP over TB works.
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    Nov 17, 2007
    I never thought about using network remote display(control). It's definitely an option.

    IP over TB looks to be new with Mavericks and sounds promising. I'll have to check it out after I know it's OK to upgrade to Mavericks on my iMac. I know my Tascam audio interface is now broken with Mavericks and I need to test my essential software on my Mavericks upgraded 2009 Macbook Pro.

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