Anyone up for some Al Quds Jeans?


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Mar 10, 2004
Bergen, Norway
Just saw a news report about a new kind of jeans: Al Quds Jeans:

Al Quds Jeans home page said:
I am AL QUDS jeans, the jeans of choice for Islam as the inspiration comes from here and it is to this world that they refer.

The precious stimuli and suggestions that come from the sacred Arab World and from ordinary, every day life are captured and brought to fruition in AL QUDS jeans satisfying the needs of a couture fashion line which arises from the most "cultural" gesture of the street: jeans made to pray in, jeans for those who choose a different path. It is a wider concept because it is a step made for the World, seductive original and distinguished.

This line is therefore serious, looked for with discretion, natural elegant and not ostentatious. This is reflected in the care and attention to detail, from the denim material to the design which offers the comfort necessary for everyday wear.

A new expression for an old tradition; a way to express your origins and show them.

My initial respons was "WTF?", but on second though: Those jeans looked really comfortable when bending and kneeling,which can be painful in regular jeans. I also really liked the green thread they use instead of orange.

Now I want a pair... :)

I initially thought of putting this in Buying Tips, but figured out that Community was much closer to the Political section... ;)


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Mar 31, 2004
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That seems like a brilliant idea, and I'm not Muslim. But, I do sit/bend my legs a lot - work, transit, etc. My only concern would be wearing them with the watch pocket embroidery at airport security. But, they would be great for the tuna can coach class seating...