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Jan 11, 2007
So, I recently bought an iPad Air 2 and am loving working on it. It really gave me a vision for why people like working in iOS.

With all the deals on 12.9 iPads, it got me thinking – I can envision doing 95% of my work in iOS (with my 2012 MB Air for the other 5%), and the 12.9 would be fantastic for it, but I love the 9.7 for factor for some uses, including reading and travel (I travel for work about 75 days of the year).

It seems crazy to have 2 iPads, but does anyone here have this setup, where they use the 12.9 most of the time but still use the 9.7? Most discussions I see pit the sizes against each other, but I can see using them in tandem for different tasks. Essentially, the 12.9 would the desktop iPad, and the 9.7 would be the portable one.
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rui no onna

Oct 25, 2013
I guess it depends on what you do on your MacBook and whether the 12.9" iPad will be replacing it or if it'll just be used as an ancillary device.

For me, the laptop is only used for tasks I can't use the iPad or iOS for. That includes certain banking sites that don't render properly on iOS, flash-based pages that require mouse input, "portable mini-Plex Media Server" (with 2TB internal + 4TB portable USB3), complete local sync of my Dropbox folder, etc.

Now if the 12.9" will just be ancillary, then sure, if you can afford it, why not? Heck, I keep 2 iPads of the same size so I always have something to use when one is charging.
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I use the 12.9" for skecthing and editing/finalizing my writing and sketching. My 9.7" is for school and just taking around wherever. Then I use my phone for when even the smallest iPad can't come. The 12.9" is my main computer then my iPhone then the 9.7" for random stuff. I sold my MacBook as I didn't need it. (Though I may buy a new one in the next few months) as I forgot even as good as my iPP is... I need iTunes program not just the App.

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Sep 28, 2014
New Jersey
I use both, had they both came out at same time I may have only used 9.7.

For certain things I need my MBP, that travels back and forth daily to work. I also use the smaller iPP at work and in class daily. The larger one I use almost every day at home, unless it is a MBP task I primarily use the 12.9 most of the time at home. The big iPP no longer travels back and forth to work, it was a little too large to carry everywhere and in class. Having the smaller iPP is awesome for these tasks, sold my air 2 to help cover the costs.

Before the 12.9, I would just use the MBP at home all the time. I can't replace my laptop totally with the iPads, but I do use it a lot less at home then I used to before. At work it is a 50/50 split.

Like I said, for my use the 12.9 is really the iPad that is over kill, but I have been waiting for an iPad with a pen/pencil for years now and purchased it right away. I would have passed on the bigger one if they both got released in the fall, but since that's not how it happened I have both.

I am sure those of us with both are in the minority, I also share mine with the wife when she needs to use the pencil for something.
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Jun 23, 2010
I have both the 12.9 Pro and 9.7 Pro, and use them both (although much prefer the 12.9 for the majority of tasks). I've actually just put my 13 Retina MacBook Pro up for sale as it's not been touched since I got the 12.9, and I can do 95% of my computer needs on the larger Pro. I also have a headless Mac Mini as a plex server which I connect to every so often from the 12.9 Pro, and a Windows Laptop for work I also can connect to.

The smaller Pro is for the more casual computer tasks. Doesn't get used anywhere near as much as the 12.9, but is nicer/easier in some circumstances.
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Feb 25, 2016
I think the IPP 12.9 is great to do work on, I use it indoors, that is in the house,someone's house or a hotel room ..
I use my Samsung Note phone to take notes, sketch (love the s-pen) and browse the Web and always be super portable ..
My wife has an iPad air 2 and she uses it on the bus ...
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May 8, 2008
I have the 12.9 inch pro that I use for 98% of my usage in the last 2% on my MacBook Pro 15 inch gaming and iTunes Install Betas on iPhone and iPad
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