Anyone use a simple KVM setup? ((Recommendations?))

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by digitard, Dec 26, 2008.

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    I did some general searching, but nothing really caught my eye so I figured I'd throw this up. I put it in here because it corresponds to my MBP (see this thread)

    I need to find an inexpensive KVM (really only K/M needed as my monitor has dual DVI inputs so video port doesn't matter).

    I want to be able to switch between my MBP and PC as needed. Normally my wife uses my PC, and I use it for gaming as its a high end gaming machine I built, but most of the normal time I plan to be using my MBP.

    Since I've got a nice 22" LCD I want to basically plugin my K/M into a KVM and hook my Apple video->DVI connector into port 2 on my monitor, and just plugin the KVM/Monitor when I feel like sitting at my desk (mmmm comfy chair) and using the larger monitor.

    The reason I'm asking here... is simply because there's so many options out there (straight up box which you supply cables, cable built in, etc).

    It only needs to be 2 port, and 2 outputs as this is the only configuration, and it doesn't need to have any special video options as I won't be using the video portion. Just the keyboard/mouse. Because I've seen some odd issues w/ laggy response on some REALLY low end ones I felt you would all know.

    Long story short: Need a cheap 2 port KVM, video type doesn't matter, want it to be responsive enough with K/M to game.

    OHHHHH... Also. Who here uses an Apple keyboard for PC? I was thinking about changing mine out, it's a little beat up, for the wired Apple one (need a new one anyways) and wanted to know if there's any odities in Windows with it (I haven't bootcamp'd my MBP).

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