Anyone use a textured skin only?

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by WannaApple?, Sep 17, 2016.

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    As I've upgraded to a plus from my old standard 6 I'm a bit concerned over adding more bulk to it. Even some of the slim cases I've seen have either 2 issues...if they are super thin many times they don't cover the top and/or bottom or they have a big lip on them that I don't usually like and makes the phone feel thicker than it is because you hold it by the sides!

    I was looking at the dbrand or slickwraps skins, but in the textured kind like the faux leather, carbon or matte. The new ones appear from the website to cover the sides and corners as well. I am not usually drop prone and even with the cases that I would use, if I dropped the phone face down the screen would shatter anyway. These new skins appear to somewhat protect the corners of the phone with extra material so it doesn't appear that they would dent or scratch if dropped, but then again I've never used or seen one in person yet to know.

    Anyone with experience using these thicker textured skins (not just a plain clear skin) have any opinions? Do you think someone would be able to get away with using one of these new ones alone without a case at least part of the time?
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    Bump. Wondering if anyone has considered this or done it...even with the iPhone 6? The 7 plus seems big to me until I take it out of the Apple leather case and then it feels better so I'd love to go without a case and just use a skin if it even remotely provided some sort of protection. Anyone?
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    I've only used skins made from 3M products for the past several phones. The one I used most was the hot pink carbon fiber. I had matte clear on the last black phone (forget which model that was...) I had black with little white polka dots on my 6s+.

    I do that because I don't want any added bulk, even from the thinnest case. My skins have always gotten a lot of compliments from people.

    (This time I'm going with a clear skin so my (more peach than) pink phone shows through.)

    The skins offer minimal protection... My last skin was starting to get a little banged up. Of course, if you drop it on a concrete driveway, I don't think it will help any......

    I have/have always had apple care + and considered that my "case" to take care of the phone if I ever really damaged it badly with a drop...

    polka dot skin pics:

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