anyone use dual monitors with dual Mini DisplayPort

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by fkntotalkaos, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Thank you so much for finding a product like this! You have no idea how long I was looking for something like this that's cheap! I was originally looking at the Matrox DualHead2Go, but there seems to be lots of problems with that. Does anyone know if this will work by using a MiniDP to Full Size DP cable (no adapters, just a cable that goes from mini to full size)? I can test it out maybe if someone is not brave enough. This will let users have triple monitors with their Mini's! What about performance with this? And does it require drivers? Im so excited to see people using this!
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    The site says that you HAVE to use MDP monitors that are identical. No DVI/VGA/HDMI adapters.

    I imagine it tells the mac that it's a single monitor that's twice the width of a single monitor and then spits the image between two monitors.

    Seems a bit to limited for what I'd like to use it for, but still a good product for what it is.
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    At first glance I was impressed however that quickly change.With their limitation.

    - Two displays of different models or resolutions will not work.
    - Does not support closed lid operation on MacBook/MacBook Pro.
    - Does NOT WORK with DVI or HDMI displays.
    - Does NOT WORK with adapters.

    Ouch Need to use the same exact monitors

    Also it states it doesn't work with i5/i7 computer yet
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    "Two 1920x1200 resolution Mini DisplayPort displays will behave like one horizontally extended 3840x1200 resolution virtual display."

    The CinemaView Duo works with all Macs with a Mini DisplayPort jack. Duo is not guaranteed to work in clamshell mode (closed lid) with all Apple laptops.

    For $100 (the crappy USB to DVI cost the same as this product) and ability to run dual 24 inch apple cinema from mac mini and one 47 inch 1080p Led LCD for multimedia from the HDMI port, what more could I ask for graphically from a mini, or Mackbook pro? My only question is, am I going to buy apple or Cinema view dual 24 inch? they are making a 47 inch

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    Dual Display Extender For Mini DisplayPort Macs Now Shipping. Finally, Mini DisplayPort Macs Can Use Dual Displays!

    April 23, 2010 - Nashville , Tennessee USA
    Today, CinemaView, Inc. announces that its new Duo dual display extender for Mini DisplayPort Macs is now shipping. The Duo works with either two 24-inch Apple LED Cinema Displays, creating a total 3840x1200 pixel display space, or with two CinemaView 24 LCD displays, creating a total 3840x1080 pixel display space.
    Until this product there has been no native Mini DisplayPort product that enables the use of dual displays with Apple computers manufactured since November, 2008. Until now some arrangement of plug adapters has been required to make these Macs work with dual displays. The CinemaView Duo has one male Mini DisplayPort plug that connects to a Mac, and provides two female Mini DisplayPort ports into which two identical Mini DisplayPort equipped monitors can be connected. The Duo analyzes the individual screen resolution of each connected display, adds the two together, and sends a composite "extended" resolution signal to the Mac -- up to 3840x1200 pixels.
    Finally, there is a native Mini DisplayPort dual display solution for the over 18 million Macs shipped with Mini DisplayPort connectors. The CinemaView Duo can be ordered today for $149, including ground shipping to USA and Canada destinations, from our web site ( ) or from any of our worldwide dealers.
    Additional CinemaView Duo information, photos, user manual, and more can be found on the CinemaView, Inc. web site ( ).
    CinemaView, Inc. is a USA based company specializing in multimedia electronics products. Our headquarters is based in Tennessee, with operations in the USA, UK, Taiwan, and China.

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